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Anastasia Nefed, 26, Data Scientist

For the first short interview of 2021, we are proud to introduce Anastasia, our beloved Data Scientist! She came all the way from Ukraine to support us in interpreting our games data to make better choices for the future, and was kind enough to share a bit of her daily life, thoughts, and advice with us.

What do you do in your job as a Data Scientist? 

Data Science is a varied field. You can ask 20 data scientists about their responsibilities, and the answers will be completely different! 

There is one thing that unites all data scientists: we help to transform data into meaningful information, that will help stakeholders to make decisions. Here, at Bytro, I support teams with AB tests, reporting, statistics, and research.

What did you do before working for Bytro?

Before Bytro I worked in the game industry also. I was an Analyst at Playrix (do you also like GardenScapes?) and Playgendary.

Which project holds a special place in your heart?

It is really hard to say. Perhaps, Call of War and Supremacy 1: The Great War. I played Call of War a long time before I started working at Bytro, and I couldn’t believe I would be a part of the Bytro team. Another part of my heart belongs to Supremacy 1: The Great War. I am supporting the game with the launch, and the game’s success always touches me emotionally. 

What do you do in your free time?

I like to travel and enjoy landscapes. I like the art of filming, and I go to the cinema or watch documentaries quite often. Science also plays an important role in my life. 

What is your favorite videogame? Why?

I would name some of them: Mass Effect, Anno 2070, Mortal Kombat. They all have very interesting stories behind them, they can engage you just professionally and were created with passion.

How does a typical day at work look like for you?

It is always fun and always busy. Mornings usually begin with a cup of coffee and KPIs check. I try to do the most difficult tasks during the first part of the day. The second part of the day is never the same. I like to spend it thinking of ideas or doing research, sharing some thoughts, or asking for colleagues’ opinions on those ideas. 

What is a valuable lesson you have learned in your career?

Check three times, twice is not enough, and good products are made by good teams, not by one good person. 

What advice would you give to someone that is trying to get into the gaming industry?

Be brave and strong! To be successful in the game industry you should be very flexible, hard-working, and always willing to learn. Choosing a profession you love can help you stay motivated and not stressed, you will love Mondays and will not feel exhausted. 

I strongly believe that amazing people create amazing products. Values are the glue that sticks such people together. Different companies have different values, be ready to know more about them, and choose a team that shares the same spirit. 

Any tips on how to stay focused working from home?

Make sure your family members are also busy.  There is a trick that helps me stay focused at home. Once I finish my coffee, tea, or juice in the morning, I know that my day at work starts. Just try to create your own habit. 

Thank you, Anastasia! 


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