It’s Time To Go To Battle: Iron Order 1919 Is Officially Available On Steam And Microsoft Store!

Hamburg – 31.08.2022: Since day one, Bytro’s objective has been to bring a strategic, immersive experience to gamers and strategy lovers on all platforms, giving you the nation-leading experience you love, anywhere at any time.

Today, we’re raising our flags upon new ground by fully conquering the desktop world. Iron Order 1919 is now available on the Microsoft Store and Steam, making it truly cross-platform.

This means more comrades to play with, more opportunities for growth in the community, and even more available battles with up to 101 players fighting for weeks to determine the last nation standing.

With an ever-expanding collection of maps, factions, and towering war machines that roam the battlefield, Iron Order brings a unique, long-term strategy warfare experience that intrigues the hardcore veteran gamer.

From the second you come out of the tutorial, you’ll be met with a one-of-a-kind community and a fully-fledged ecosystem with treaties, diplomatic relations, economic agreements, and much more, adding that extra layer of realism and immersion to your experience.

As victory requires strategic thinking, solid leadership, and cunning diplomacy, the long-lasting battles of Iron Order 1919 will put your gaming chair to the test. With each decision followed by consequences in real-time, you’re presented with a unique experience that you’ll not find in any other MMO out there

Join the Iron Order 1919 alliance today, and experience a true combat experience, now available on Steam and the Microsoft Store

Take it from the pros, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Iron Order 1919 on Steam

Iron Order on the Microsoft Store