Bytro Labs Announces Leadership Evolution with Departure of Co-Founder Tobias Kringe

Hamburg, Germany – Bytro Labs, a premier developer of cross-platform strategy games, today revealed a significant shift in its leadership dynamics. Effective January 1st, Tobias Kringe, a respected co-founder, has departed the company. In light of this development, Christopher Lörken, a fellow co-founder who has previously served as Managing Director with Kringe, is set to embrace the new role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Founded in 2008 by Tobias Kringe, Christopher Lörken, and Felix Faber, Bytro Labs has cultivated a rich legacy of collaboration, driving the company to remarkable heights in the online strategy game industry. Reflecting on his tenure, Kringe shared, “Working at Bytro has been a journey of immense fulfillment and innovation. It has been an honor to collaborate with an exceptionally talented team, creating globally acclaimed games.”

As the incoming CEO, Christopher Lörken is poised to propel Bytro Labs into its future, building on its history of innovation and growth. “The contributions of Tobias always have been pivotal to our success. We have achieved incredible milestones together. Now I am keenly looking forward to continuing our journey of excellence, guiding Bytro into an exciting new era,” Lörken expressed.

This transition period also heralds the elevation of Julian Werner to the role of Managing Director, in addition to his ongoing duties as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Marvin Eschenauer will maintain his pivotal role as Chief Operations Officer (COO), while Jan-Michel Saaksmeier is set to join as the new Chief Product Officer (CPO) in January.

Bytro Labs remains steadfast in its commitment to crafting outstanding strategy games. The whole team conveys its heartfelt appreciation to Tobias Kringe for his unwavering dedication and significant contributions, wishing him the utmost success in his future endeavors.

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About Bytro Labs
Bytro Labs GmbH is an owner-managed company that develops and publishes technically sophisticated, browser-based, and mobile online games including Call of War 1942, Conflict of Nations: World War III (jointly developed with sister company, Dorado Games), and Supremacy 1914. Bytro’s games have been played by over 50 million registered users and are available in 15 different languages. Bytro, part of the Sweden-based global group of gaming studios, Stillfront since 2013, was founded in 2009 and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Attention All Strategy Gamers: Call of War 2.0 revamp is here!

The anticipated release of Call of War 2.0 is finally here and it’s bringing interface changes and revamps to both mobile and desktop versions of the game.

After months of teasing the release of Call of War 2.0, the moment for players to jump in, start new battles, and join forces with other strategy enthusiasts has finally arrived! We listened to our community feedback and our team got ready to release a completely revamped and redesigned UI and map. Naturally, Call of War 2.0 still offers relentless battles taking time in the World War II era, now completely revamped and redesigned to give players an unmatched, modern, and historically authentic strategy gaming experience.

What’s New?

Revamped menu panels, which now have a cleaner, more modern design, and most importantly, it’s easier to navigate in the midst of a heated battle. Whether you need to call for help, reach out to a comrade, or access the map, it’s all now as simple as ABC. 

Although the historic accuracy remains, the look of the maps is one of the most noticeable visual changes, now showing slicker lines but keeping the rustic look of a real battle map.

Like a seasoned general would do, you can now create their own command center by pinning all armies, provinces, and units in one place, giving them instant access to their arsenals when calling for backup. 

Does This Mean That The Gameplay Has Changed In Any Way? 

Luckily for our hardcore long-term strategy fans, the gameplay remains as challenging and intense as always. Our team was careful to maintain the same revitalizing feel of intense battles while focussing on improving the design and functionality of Call of War‘s interface.

All improvements are available now in the desktop version, as well as on iOS and Android devices.


It’s Time To Go To Battle: Iron Order 1919 Is Officially Available On Steam And Microsoft Store!

Hamburg – 31.08.2022: Since day one, Bytro’s objective has been to bring a strategic, immersive experience to gamers and strategy lovers on all platforms, giving you the nation-leading experience you love, anywhere at any time.

Today, we’re raising our flags upon new ground by fully conquering the desktop world. Iron Order 1919 is now available on the Microsoft Store and Steam, making it truly cross-platform.

This means more comrades to play with, more opportunities for growth in the community, and even more available battles with up to 101 players fighting for weeks to determine the last nation standing.

With an ever-expanding collection of maps, factions, and towering war machines that roam the battlefield, Iron Order brings a unique, long-term strategy warfare experience that intrigues the hardcore veteran gamer.

From the second you come out of the tutorial, you’ll be met with a one-of-a-kind community and a fully-fledged ecosystem with treaties, diplomatic relations, economic agreements, and much more, adding that extra layer of realism and immersion to your experience.

As victory requires strategic thinking, solid leadership, and cunning diplomacy, the long-lasting battles of Iron Order 1919 will put your gaming chair to the test. With each decision followed by consequences in real-time, you’re presented with a unique experience that you’ll not find in any other MMO out there

Join the Iron Order 1919 alliance today, and experience a true combat experience, now available on Steam and the Microsoft Store

Take it from the pros, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Iron Order 1919 on Steam

Iron Order on the Microsoft Store


Supremacy 1914 hits the 10 Million Users mark – A Milestone

We’re beyond proud to announce that Supremacy 1914 has officially surpassed the incredible milestone of over 10 million registered users. What once started out as a side project by two passionate students over a decade ago, who took it upon themselves to create the game they’d want to play but simply wasn’t available anywhere, has continuously grown and matured into the biggest World War One strategy game today

We could fill several pages with fancy ways of describing how great of a journey it has been so far, how Supremacy 1914 has laid the foundation for what Bytro is today: A workplace of more than 60 people from over 20 different nationalities working on things they’re passionate about.

While all of the above is true we couldn’t be prouder of the team’s accomplishments, we simply want to say one thing: Thank you.

Thank you for making all of this possible. Thank you for playing Supremacy 1914. Whether you’ve been with us for years or just installed it recently. Whether you’re actively providing feedback, pointing out issues, suggesting new features, or just enjoying playing our game. Whether you’re on top of the rankings, a member of the community volunteers, an avid roleplayer, or just started learning the ropes. Each and every single one of you plays a vital part in reaching this incredible milestone that we wouldn’t have dared to dream of reaching a few years ago. 

We’re blown away by the success story that Supremacy 1914 keeps writing over 12 years after its initial release. Where other games have long passed their prime, Supremacy does not only hold strong but keeps reaching all-time record user numbers and simultaneously running game rounds.

As a story like that speaks for itself, not needing further explanation, we’ll close by saying thank you once more. Stay sharp, stay awesome, and most importantly: keep having fun playing.


your Bytro Team