8 QUESTIONS FOR: Linus, Marketing Manager

Linus Otten, 28, Marketing Manager

We welcome you to the first piece of a series of short interviews with the people that bring our games to life. Here you’ll get a peek inside the minds of the creators, designers, developers, marketers, and every single element that is involved in delivering our products to your hands. In today’s interview we’ll introduce you to our beloved colleague Linus, Marketing Manager at Bytro, and responsible for making it easier for players to find our games.

What do you do in your job as Marketing Manager?

While I also work on presenting our games to the public in the best possible way, my main focus is scale. Understanding who likes our games and for what reasons is key. We leverage that information to find potential players for our games and make them love the flavor of grand strategy multiplayer that our titles represent.

What makes working at Bytro special?

A common goal. When looking for a job one of my major concerns was competition amongst the workforce. While I like being competitive, I don’t think a company benefits greatly in playing employees against one another. Whether it is comparing their results against each other, pointing at hours worked compared to colleagues – neither of these metrics strengthen motivation and are rather damaging.

Working at Bytro is great because we all share a goal that we have inherent reasons to work towards. Providing a game that is fun to play, a solid technical foundation to prevent interruptions in the experience, engage and acquire user to generate a healthy playerbase to ultimately support a workplace that we all like to go to (or think about from the safety of our homes) 5 days a week and make it better every day, month and year.

The team is growing in size and variety. Several professions are found in our teams ranging from developer work, data science, marketing, finance and a great HR department. We are also quite international with many unique people to meet and we fit it all into a tower that is shaped like a refreshing beer and gives the greatest view over Hamburg.

What did you do before working for Bytro?

Living in a small apartment located in the beautiful 3rd district of Vienna studying Communication-Sciences and preparing myself to influence the gaming marketing landscape.

Which project holds a special place in your heart?

Launching on mobile was a transitional moment for our team and myself. Seeing our game grow across hundreds of thousands of new devices, having to rethink my work quickly and reaching an audience that was waiting for a game like ours, but lacking a viable alternative before, was amazing.

Over the following months and years it proved to be a highly important step to stay relevant and keep growing, although our heart and core business still is anchored on Desktop PCs.

What do you do in your free time?

Either grab my running shoes, sit down and enjoy competitive matches in Counter-Strike or lie on the balcony and read a good biography of someone that I believe I could learn from. Sometimes, if I can’t sleep, I get up in the middle of a night, put a good 80s action movie on and mumble the quotes alongside it – which I used to do almost every night when I was a student.

What is your favorite videogame?

It is tough to nail it down, but the one game I always come back to is Counter-Strike. I do play a lot, but when it comes to Single Player I am always excited for a new game from From Software – hopefully we’ll see Elden Ring soon!

How do you keep motivated and productive during quarantine?

Don’t forget to go outside (as much as you are allowed to!). When the time came and we started working from home I had a very rough transition. Usually I wake up at 5:30am, drink a coffee and go for a run, the gym or play some video games in the morning – sometimes I repeat this in the evening as well. In the first few weeks of home-office it was very difficult for me to stick to my rituals and ultimately I felt very tired and overworked for most of the days. Where I always thought that home-office something to work towards, I realized that over longer periods of time it drags me down.

So I fought hard, getting up early again, trying to separate work from free-time harder and got back to my original self – motivated and productive.

So, don’t treat your day differently just because you work from home and pay even more attention to keep your rituals intact!

What advice would you give to the people trying to keep their work teams united and motivated while working remotely?

Communicate with video and audio! I am very much a digital person and don’t put too much effort in meeting someone face to face. So one would think that not going to work and the overall quarantine changes little for my life. And that is true, but still the distance in communicating with others shows harsh effects. Just reading what colleagues and friends write without the context of their “person” created distance, misunderstandings and sometimes conflict.

Try to bring as much of the “person” back into the conversations. It will help keep the teams united.

Thank you so much, Linus!

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Why integrating games into your site is the best business move to do right now.

Big or small site, learn how to integrate this new content successfully.

You are a website owner. You provide valuable content for your visitors, and no matter what type of site you manage, you work hard to deliver pictures, videos and even blog posts to entertain your audience. So why don’t add games into the basket? 

Gaming is the fastest-growing segment of the media and entertainment industry. And it looks like it will make another huge step this year due to many people being in quarantine and starting discovering games or picking up another round of their favorite title. Here you’ll learn why adding games into your site is the best business move to do right now and how to do it successfully.

Maybe you already tried integrating games on your site and it didn’t work as you expected, maybe you think your audience is not interested in gaming, maybe it never crossed your mind before because you think you don’t have enough traffic for it to work. Whatever the reasons are, this experiment can bring you wonderful results no matter the interests and size of your audience, and thanks to iFrames and affiliate links adding something like embedded games as part of your content it’s super easy to do. But before calling your IT team to start working on technicalities, first you’ll need some games to integrate. 

There are so many great developers out there like Goodgame Studios, Dorado Games, Imperia Online, Kixeye, and Bytro; they can provide you with their free-to-play games so you can embed them into your site and offer top-notch entertainment content to your visitors. 

Your goal should be to establish a sustainable revenue stream and the way to accomplish that is by having a diverse game content portfolio, meaning at least 4 different games. This allows players to find their favorite type of game and they will be more likely to start spending money. 

Speaking about money, you might be wondering by now: How am I supposed to make a business out of embedding games?

There are a few ways to monetize this and you’ll probably find a model that best suits you with time, but the way to build a strong long-lasting and mutually profitable relationship with a game developer is through revenue share. Working with this model means that the money that your users spend inside the game is shared between the two parties. Game developers can even provide exclusive promotions inside the game for users coming from your site so you can kick start this successfully. 

Once you choose the first games (or several if you want to), you contact the developer/publisher so you get access to your own tracking links and a promotional image of the game. Secondly, you integrate the tracking link on your site, publish it with the image, and that’s literally it. Now your audience can access games via your page and you have created a profitable and sustainable new business line that took a one-time effort and without spending a dime. 

If you think this is too good to be true check out this business case. Here you’ll see three different scenarios with real companies where you can compare your site and have an idea of how games could behave on your page too. If you wanna be bold and make this move and need some guidance through the whole process, feel free to get in touch with us at bizdev@bytro.com.

Although there is no 100% accurate way of predicting how these games will be received by your users, if integrating them on your site means there’s a way to improve the user experience, lengthen their session time, the overall customer lifetime value, AND increase your revenues along the way, it’s surely worth the try.

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 by Cecilia Luna