8 QUESTIONS FOR: Aleksandra Spisak, 2D Graphic

Aleksandra Spisak, 31, 2D Graphic

For March’s short interview edition, we are thrilled to be featuring someone who is responsible for catching the eye and sparking the curiosity of potential new players with her incredible visual talent. Someone who has to juggle between two different departments and makes photoshop magic! Let us introduce our beloved Aleksandra Spisak, aka ALQ, who came all the way from Poland and is our 2D Graphic Designer.

What do you do in your job as a graphic designer?

I am a marketing graphic first, so I make most of the banners, video ads, and other creatives that show the outside world that Bytro games are the best, most beautiful creations in existence. But because our graphics team is rather small, I also sometimes help with the in-game visuals. So they can actually look their best 🙂

What did you do before working for Bytro?

I lend my skills to many indie video game projects – I made backgrounds, assets, textures, concept art… I like variety and as a result, I just had to try everything that there is to making a game look like a game!

Which project holds a special place in your heart?

Once upon a time, I was a part of Conflict of Nations team, and on this day many parts of the game have my touch. It was a big project, I learned many new skills and connected with my colleagues thanks to it and still think very fondly of it!

What is a videogame that has impacted your life? Why?

Many years ago I played a beautiful little game called Journey and it made me realize that video games don’t have to always be some sort of a brutal competition that you have to be good at, but can also be just a peaceful, meditative, visually stunning experience. They can make us think, laugh or cry or just relax and enjoy ourselves. It was definitely a formative moment for me!

What is your current favorite videogame? Why?

Oh my god, that’s a hard question because I play so many games at any given time! But currently, it has to be Stardew Valley. It’s a farming game / life sim and after all the shooting and slaying and strategizing it’s good to just go back to it, plant some virtual turnips and unwind, you know?

How does a typical day at work look like for you?

First of all, coffee. Then all the stand-ups (since I am technically a part of two teams – graphics and marketing), checking my tasks and schedule for the day, etc. Then, the usual: negotiating deadlines (everyone always wants everything now ), dodging meetings (ew, human interaction), dealing with feedback (no, I will not make the logo bigger), and somehow actually making all the beautiful assets on time 🙂

What is a valuable lesson you have learned in your career?

Communication is the most important skill in this industry. I can spend hours making the prettiest, most artistic assets, but if they are not performing their function, it’s all worth nothing. So I have to be on the same page as the rest of the team, at all times! Also, to not be too attached to my own vision, because, after seven rounds of feedback, there isn’t much of it left;)

What advice would you give to someone that is trying to get into the gaming industry?

Forget about perfecting all the skills in the world before you even try to get in. Every studio and every game is different and you will have to adapt anyway. Have the basics sorted out and be willing to learn as you go and you got this!


Thank you so much, ALQ!


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