PanzerWars – Distribution cooperation with Xyrality

Games developer Bytro Labs announced that they will cooperate with Xyrality for the rerelease of PanzerWars for iOS devices. Together with 5D Labs, the game has been updated and will be available worldwide in all iTunes stores by August 9th 2013. Xyrality will use their knowledge in mobile distribution to increase the success of the game even faster.

„PanzerWars reflects how we successfully used our know-how for browser games to change the genre of mobile games. Since our initial release in 2011, the number of downloads definitely confirms the interest of mobile gamers in multiplayer online games. We now aim to further develop that potential,” says Felix Faber, Managing Director of Bytro Labs.

About PanzerWars:

The multiplayer game PanzerWars is known as the first real multiplayer real-time strategy game. Up to ten players simultaneously compete for the domination of 20th-century Europe. More than 100 provinces need to be conquered, developed and defended. Focus of the game is to guarantee fun for ambitious and demanding strategy players. The battles last for days, or may even go on for weeks.

About Bytro Labs:
Bytro Labs GmbH is an owner-managed company, which develops and publishes technically sophisticated, browser-based and mobile online games. By now, the games have 4.5 Million registered users and are available in fifteen different languages. Bytro Labs was founded in 2009 by Felix Faber, Tobias Kringe and Christopher Lörken. They were decorated as “Founders of the Month” in June 2010 by the german state of Baden-Württemberg and with the “Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars” award by Deloitte in the fall of 2012.
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